Glass Kleen Plus

Part #: KT11098

Weight: 1.00 lbs

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Price: $5.95

Glass Kleen Plus is an aerosol glass cleaner that leaves glass and mirrors sparkling bright and immaculately clean. Use it to quickly and easily remove dirt, bug spatter, and road film from your windshield and exterior glass. Also works great on interior glass.

You've probably got a bottle of Windex at home. But this stuff works way better. Your windshield is essentially a bug killing ground, and Glass Kleen Plus is here to clean up that mess with industrial strength power. Throw a can of it beneath your rear bench seat (along with some paper towels). That's what we do.

Performance Characteristics:

• Easy spray-on/wipe-off use
• Contains special anti-fog, anti-scum ingredient
• No streaks or smears
• Leaves a pleasant citrus smell
• No CFCs

24 oz. aerosol can.

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