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Ultratect Cover [Early Multivan/Tin-Top]

Made in the USA

Part #: C14322

Works With: 1993-1995

Weight: 10.00 lbs

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Final Price: $359.95

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A fantastic car cover for your early body style Eurovan Weekender/MV, or tin-top. Includes a storage bag, lock, and cable!

Covercraft continues to improve its car cover technology, and the Ultratect is no different. Believe us when we say we've tried many, many different covers, and the Covercraft car cover is by far the best buy in the won't-break-the-bank category of car covers. Plus it comes with an awesome 4-year warranty!

Fits: 1993-1995 Eurovan Weekender/MV, or tin-top.

Color options: Gray or Tan

• Advanced Fade Resistance - WeatherMax yarns have color added to the polymer prior to yarn extrusion, meaning each fiber is a solid color and not surface dyed.
• Outstanding Form Retention - WeatherMax fabrics are designed to have minimal stretch and resist sagging.
• Strength - Double 150 denier yarns provide higher strength and better water resistance than single 300 denier yarn.
• Lustrous Weave - The fabric weave gives the cover more durability and a luxurious "hand" feel.
• Ultraviolet Defense - Excellent protection for vehicles exposed to prolonged sun and extreme elements.
• Easy to Use - The fabric is heavy enough to stay in place, yet light enough to be easily manageable in everyday use.
• Water Repelling - A highly water resistant HydroMax finish on both sides of the fabric helps keep moisture out while still maintaining breathability. This helps ensure moisture doesn't stay trapped against the exterior of your vehicle. (No car cover is completely waterproof - that's called a "garage.")

For 1993-95 Eurovan Weekenders, Multivans, and tin-tops only! If your vehicle is a Winnebago Camper, please select one of these: 1995 or 1997-2003

Will not fit on vehicles with a roof rack, awning, or other large accessories.

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