Sliding Door Roller Bearing Replacement Bundle


Works With: 1984-1991

Weight: 0.20 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $44.95

Replace many of the most important bearings in your sliding door with this awesome bundle. You save fifteen bucks!

The outer portions of the vertical rollers are machined from Delrin® AF blend, a super tough material impregnated with Teflon® fibers for quiet, low-friction operation. This heavy duty material will actually stay silent for longer than the OEM bearings.

These new rollers are self-lubricating and feature sealed precision ball bearings to keep dirt out and provide a smooth rolling action. Best of all, they cost a fraction of the price of the OEM parts!

Kit includes:
• (1) Sliding Door Rear Arm Roller Bearing
• (1) Sliding Door Lower Roller Guide Assembly
• (2) Sliding Door Bearing for Center Hinge
• (2) Upper/Lower Sliding Door Bearing
• (1) Sliding Door Roller Bearing Retaining Clip Set


Please note: this bundle is NOT compatible with our aftermarket "Complete Sliding Door Hinge " (251-843-336B-AM). It is designed for use on OE models.

Fits: Some 1984 and all 1985-91 Vanagon. If you have an '84, please check to see if your van has this roller. Earlier models have a plastic bushing in this location.

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