16" Steel Wheel & Tire Package [2WD & Syncro]

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-WTP-1630-DEF

Works With: 1971-1991

Weight: 55.00 lbs

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Price Range: $1179.95 - $1424.95


Final Price: $1179.95

Includes (4) ET30, 16"x7" steel wheels, (4) Michelin Defender 215/60-16 tires (mounted and balanced), and hardware. Ready to bolt on and drive for all 2WD & 4WD models EXCEPT the factory LOWERED Carat & Multivan. See fitment notes.

The Defender™ is Michelin's latest and greatest tire. It has superseded the HydroEdge, the tire we sold for many years. It has an amazing tread wear rating of 820! This is compared to a typical industry standard of 300-400. This tire scores top marks in performance, handling, and quiet ride. These tires will outlast ANY 14" tire option by at least 2:1, and most people are getting more like 3 times more miles out of them. On top of that, they provide WAY better handling and safety. So do the math, and you can see this wheel package is actually cheaper than just replacing your old 14" tires with another set of 14" tires, and another, and another...


Initial shipping costs are subject to change. For U.S. and Canadian customers only. Please call for rates to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, or any other destination outside of the lower 48 states. Shipping cost with a 5th wheel may not be entirely accurate. In the case that it is not, we will contact you with an accurate shipping amount.

• Wolfsburg edition hard-tops, GL models with ground effects package, Carat and Multivan models came equipped from the factory with 1" lowering springs. Therefore, the 16" wheel and tire combo can and will (on occasion) rub the inside fender lip under hard driving. They fit great, handle on the highway like a dream, look superb—but you may need to modify your driving style. In addition, these wheels and tires will not fit in the stock spare tire position. This note does NOT apply to any year of 2WD or 4WD Westfalia Camper or 7-Passenger Vanagon. It only applies to factory-lowered vehicles.

• This wheel/tire will not fit in the spare tire holder. See related items below for a solution to this problem.

You will need to remove two 11mm courtesy bolts on each of your rear brake drums, as they interfere with these new steel wheels. These bolts are non-essential and their removal poses no danger whatsoever! 

14" Spare: If you plan to keep (and potentially use) your 14” steel wheel spare, you will need to keep one set of your original steel wheel hardware in the event of needing to use your spare.

16" Spare: This 16" wheel will not fit in the spare tire bay without modification to the bay.

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