Big Brake Rotor (Gen I) *10-Hole

Part #: 22S-615-301-10

VW Part #: 22S615301

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 15.00 lbs

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Base Price: $59.95

Sale Price $39.95


Final Price: $39.95

This is a BARGAIN BASEMENT item: there is a very slight amount of surface rust present. 

This is a replacement rotor for South African (commonly referred to as "Generation 1" or "Gen 1") big brakes. We got a smokin' deal on a batch that were originally mis-drilled with the incorrect lug pattern—which we then had correctly drilled. Thus, these rotors have ten holes instead of five, but they are functionally equivalent and considerably less expensive. So what's the catch? There is no catch, silly!

Manufactured by Volkswagen South Africa. 

Available for 2WD and Syncro.


Be sure to clean the rust-preventative coating off the rotors before installing.

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This rotor fits the Generation I big brake system, which is the original big brake system from South Africa. We have sold two systems in the past: Generation I (Gen I) and Generation II (Gen II). We no longer stock parts for the Gen II system, and the replacement parts are NOT compatible with one another. If you are not certain about which system you have in place, please call us at (888) 469-3789.

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