80W Rigid Frame Solar Kit

Made in the USA


Works With: 1968-91, 1993-2003

Weight: 38.00 lbs

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Our Price: $449.95

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We currently offer two distinctly different solar panel kits.This rigid frame kit, and an ultra-compact folding kit. Click the link to learn more about our other offering.

This is what you can expect from the GoWesty Rigid Frame Solar System:
• A folding solar panel that offers a whopping 80W of power, featuring small-footprint monocrystalline cells.
• 10 amp multi-stage PWM charge controller with integrated status LED and digital voltage readout—this allows you to monitor your auxiliary battery status quickly and easily. Digital display can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted, whichever works best for you!
• Easy set-up: With fully adjustable tilt legs, you can have your solar panel facing southward at the perfect angle in moments. 
• Easy storage: We had this panel custom-built to fit perfectly in the Vanagon camper's luggage rack area. Also fits nicely in your Vanagon camper closet or stored neatly behind the top bunk mattress! (See additional photos.)
• 50 feet of integrated cable, which means your vehicle can be parked in the shade while your solar panel soaks in the sunshine. 
• Durability: Comes with ballistic nylon storage bag; features spring-loaded carrying handle; 25-year performance warranty on solar panel; features a full aluminum frame, and protective corner guards for longevity.

If you really want to impress all of your camping (and non-camping) friends, combine this GoWesty Solar System with one of our incredibly efficient electric fridge/freezers. "What?" you ask. "Can I really have frozen chocolate popsicles in 100-degree weather?" The answer is yes. You can, and you will. ¡Viva el sol!

This kit works best when combined with a GoWesty Auxiliary Battery Kit. That way, you can use the power of the sun to charge your auxiliary battery, which in turn powers a fridge, your stereo, interior lights, a laptop, a DVD player... really, the choices are endless. See the battery kits below.

Still not convinced? Check out our Top 10 Solar System Applications!

Have you seen another panel offered by a competitor? Wondering how they differ? This kit has a number of clever features that you just won't find in the competitor's product.

Charge controller: Ours mounts inside the vehicle to keep it out of the elements, and features an LED and digital display to keep you informed.
Battery connection: Look Ma, no sloppy alligator clips! Our harness permanently and positively hard-wires the controller to your battery. 
Panel connection: Our harness also provides a quick connect/disconnect of the solar panel extension cord making the daily use of the panel very convenient.
Cord length: Our cord is 50' (16 meter) long, which is three times longer than the commonly found 16' (5 meter) cord. Longer is necessary, as it lets you park in the shade, and put the panel in the sun!
Size & shape: Our kit is custom sized to fit the luggage rack, and the interior storage cabinet of a camper. Everyone knows how valuable every cubic inch of space is in a VW camper.
Attractiveness: Last but not east, ours includes a custom fitted case with a handsome "Rising Sun" logo on it. You won't find anything like it, anywhere else.

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Installation is simple and easy. Permanently connect the quick-plug charge controller leads to your auxiliary battery, mount the digital readout wherever you'd like, and hit the road! When you're ready to use your panel, you simply unpack the bag, unfold the panels, adjust the tilt legs, and plug the power lead into your charge controller. Set-up time is less than 3 minutes!

Solar System Instructions

• Charging current (max): 4.58A
• 15" x 32" x 4" = stowed dimensions (in the storage case) Sized to fit the luggage rack!
• 13.75" x 31.25" x 3" = closed (without bag)
• 27.5" x 31.25" x 1.5" = open
• Weight: 24 lbs.

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