OEM Syncro Drive Shaft [REBUILT]

Part #: 251-521-101NX

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 20.00 lbs

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Price: $895.00

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This is a truly rebuilt, back-to-like-new OEM-design Syncro drive shaft. Not only are both the U-joints and the rubber coupling replaced, but the stuff inside that you can't see is also all new.

There are two precision bushings inside the long, hollow part of the OEM-design drive shaft that wear out, and a precision-ground mating shaft in the shorter part of the drive shaft which fits into the bushings, and it also wears out. Back in the day, if that part of the system wore out, VW would just sell you a new drive shaft... for $1200! Well, even that option has not been available for several years. And even if it were, talk about a carbon footprint! What, toss the whole thing because a couple of bushings wear out? GoWesty says: NO WAY! We found that some (not all) of them are candidates for rebuilding and figured out how to do it. For the full story, click here.

These drive shafts are warrantied not to vibrate. If it does, send it back and we will check it ourselves. If it vibrates in our test vehicle, we will eat our hats (and wash them down with beer, of course) AND send you a known good, non-vibrating unit for free, and pay for the shipping both ways. That is how confident we are in this product.

Want to earn a few GoBucks? This driveshaft is sold outright, no core charge. If you have an OEM driveshaft and it is one of the rebuildable types, we MIGHT interested in it! Check out this article to see if yours is rebuildable, then check out our Core Buyback Program.

Please note that there is a very important installation procedure to follow. Click on the link, and check it out.

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