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Front Drive Axle [Syncro]

Standard Version

Part #: 251-407-271J

VW Part #: 251407271J

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 20.00 lbs

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Price Range: $99.95 - $275.95


Final Price: $99.95

Looking for a fresh front axle assembly for your Syncro? You can rebuild your existing axles, or save yourself a bunch of time and mess by replacing the entire assembly in one go.

We offer both the German GKN/Lobro brand and a high quality aftermarket Chinese brand. Both are excellent quality, yet the German one is more consistently so. For mostly street-going Syncros seeing occasional mud, snow, and soft sand, the lower priced Chinese axle will do just fine. If you commonly take your Syncro way off-road and get yourself in precarious situations, don’t mess around, pony up the extra coin and get yourself a genuine German axle! 

Note: these axles typically come with the axle nut, but occasionally the manufacturer does not supply it. It is 100% okay to reuse the original nut – just add some thread locker for good measure! Also, neither manufacturers deliver with the hard outer CV boot as found on original VW assemblies, however the boots provided have proven to be of excellent quality. 

Fits either driver or passenger side. New bolts and washers sold separately below.

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