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Peloquin ATB Installation Kit



Works With: 1968-1991

Weight: 2.00 lbs

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Price Range: $24.95 - $28.95


Final Price: $24.95

Installing a posi-traction unit? Grab a simple install kit. Choose from Manual, Manual w/ locker, or Automatic in the drop-down menu below.

Manual kit:
(2) CV Flange Center Cap
(2) Diff Bearing Nut O-Ring
(2) CV Flange Seal
(1) Bell Housing Gasket

Manual w/ locker kit:
(2) CV Flange Center Cap
(2) Diff Bearing Nut O-Ring
(2) CV Flange Seal
(1) Bell Housing Gasket
(1) Roll Pin
(1) Lip Seal for Syncro Locker Operating Shaft
(1) O-Ring for Syncro Locker Shaft
(1) Roll Pin for Syncro Locker Shaft

Automatic kit:
(2) Diff Bearing Nut O-Ring
(2) CV Flange Seal
(1) A/T Diff Pan Cork Gasket


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