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Torque Converter Seal

Part #: 003-519-089D

Works With: 1976-1991

Weight: 0.20 lbs

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Price: $12.95

The torque converter seal on a Vanagon has some very special requirements that are not fulfilled by any run-of-the-mill seal. At GoWesty, we only use and stock the one that works. Upon close inspection, you will notice it is all metal on the outside where it presses into the transaxle. This is a critical but uncommon feature. Most run-of-the-mill torque converter seals have a coating of the same material that seals between the TC and seal on the outside, too. That type just does not work—it will blow out and leave you stranded! This is the one to use, and it is not readily available anywhere else.

Sure, this one might cost a few bucks more... but it's worth it to do it right the first time, right?

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