Air Intake Hose

Part #: GVW-251-129-535

VW Part #: 251129535

Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 1.50 lbs

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Price: $19.95

Stock 2WD vanagon air intake hoses were made with cardboard that starts falling apart after decades of weathering. Eventually, the factory hoses can collapse and restrict the airflow to your engine. GoWesty is proud to offer this polypropylene replacement to restore airflow. This hose delivers air from the upper exterior body vent, down to the engine via the air cleaner box. 

Note: This part is for watercooled 1.9/2.1L 2WD vans, as Syncros have narrower, hard plastic intake hoses. 

Installation Tip: You can get to the bottom of this hose by removing your right rear tail light!

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