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High Efficiency A/C Condenser


Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 10.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $144.95

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If you are doing any A/C work, it is well worth it to upgrade to this more efficient, modern, parallel-flow condenser. The original condenser was designed for R-12 refrigerant; however, due to environmental concerns, R-12 has been phased out in favor of R-134a, which (unfortunately) is not quite as efficient. Using this condenser will make up for some of this loss of efficiency and restore your A/C to like-new performance (assuming everything else is in tip-top shape, of course).

To be clear, you still get the advantage of increased efficiency, regardless of the refrigerant you choose. Most shops in the USA will only install R-134a, but if you are using R-12 or R-12a, upgrading your condenser will result in increased performance over the stock, serpentine flow condenser. 

Compatible with all common refrigerant types: R-12, R134a, R12a (RedTek, EnviroSafe).

Comes with instructions, adapter hose, and mounting hardware for a seamless install. 

Fits all 1983-91 Vanagons equipped with factory A/C. 

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