Resistor for Radiator Fan

Part #: GVW-251-971-284H

VW Part #: 251971284H

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Origin  : Germany

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Price: $49.95

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The factory replacement for this radiator fan resistor has gone the way of the dodo bird. Fortunately, the Eurovan uses the same resistor—unfortunately, they come equipped with the wrong-style plug. Fear not, Vanagon faithful! We take the Eurovan resistor and modify it in-house, cutting off the Eurovan plug and intalling new terminals that can be easily snapped into your stock plug. You will need to remove the plastic connector housing from your current resistor (easily accomplished with a small screwdriver or pick) and install the new resistor wires into it. Instructions included.

Fitment note: Fits all Vanagon with factory air-conditioning and 450W fan.

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