16" Wheel & Tire Package [Eurovan]

Part #: GVW-WTP-1638-GEO

Works With: 1993-2003

Weight: 240.00 lbs

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Price Range: $1397.95 - $1677.95


Final Price: $1397.95

This is a complete wheel and tire package for all 1993-2003 Eurovan. The long and short of it: these things come mounted, balanced and ready to bolt on and drive!

This package includes:

• (4) 16 x 7.5", ET 38, 8-hole style alloy wheels
• (4) 235/60-16 Yokohama Geolandar tires mounted and balanced
• (4) centering rings
• (4) center caps 
• (20) lug bolts

Additional parts may be required! All models of Eurovan (including Winnebago Campers, and Eurovans originally equipped with 15" wheels) may require a slight lift-and-level to fit this larger tire without experiencing interference with the body/fenders. The additional items required for the procedure are listed below, and instructions can be found on the "Eurovan Instructions" tab.

• (1) Socket for Front Torsion Bar - To level the front of the vehicle
• (2) Spring Pads for Rear Coil Spring - To raise the rear, and level it side-to-side if necessary
• (4) Heavy Duty Shock Absorber Set, Bilstein or Fox - To help control a higher center of gravity
• (1) Oversize Spare Tire Kit - For 1998-00 vehicles originally equipped with 15" wheels

Please read the additional "Fitment Notes" tab for more important information.

Oversize Tires: These 16” tires are slightly larger than the original factory 16” spare tire in 2001-03 year models, but will still fit in the spare compartment. However, they are considerably larger than the 15” tire fitted to 1993-97 Eurovans, and will not fit in your spare tire location. If you have a 1998-00 Eurovan, you can use our Oversize Spare Tire Kit to fit a larger tire and wheel in your spare tire location.

It is perfectly fine to use your factory original spare of any size in the event of a tire failure. Driving with one different size tire will not harm anything. If you have a long way to go, and your flat was a front—it is worth the extra time to move one of the rear, full-size wheels up front so the two fronts match—this will make for a more pleasant (no pulling to one side), and safer drive.

Additionally, the larger circumference tire will cause your speedometer to read slightly slower. Check out our tech article, EV Lift Kit: Will This Affect My Odometer/Speedometer?

Bumper Clearance: Some Eurovans have slightly warped rear bumpers (fenders)—in very rare cases, the 235/60-16 tire/fender clearance will be extremely tight, and some slight trimming of those plastic fenders is required. 

Initial shipping costs are subject to change. For U.S. and Canadian customers only. Please call for rates to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, or any other destination outside of the lower 48 states. Shipping cost with a 5th wheel may not be entirely accurate. In the case that it is not, we will contact you with an accurate shipping amount.

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