All-Terrain Suspension Bundle [2WD]

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 297.00 lbs

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Price Range: $2742.95 - $3112.95


Final Price: $2742.95

This exclusive GoWesty all-terrain suspension package will have your 2WD Vanagon performing better off-road than you ever thought possible. This is a complete tire, wheel, spring, and shock package, and it is bad-ass! Buying this bundle saves you $180!

This BFG wheel/tire bundle features the BFG AT KO2, which delivers up to two times the tread wear on gravel roads -- and has a tougher sidewall rubber compound that's twice as thick -- as the previous KO offering.

This all-terrain package includes the following:
• (4) 215/70-16 BFG All Terrain tires on 16 x 7.5", ET 23, alloy wheels
• (1) Fox Racing off-road shock package 
• (2) Front dual-rate coil springs (zero lift for hard-top or 1.5" lifting for campers)
• (2) Rear dual-rate coil springs (zero lift for hard-top or 1.5' lifting for campers)
• (1) Ball joint spacer kit w/hardware

If you plan to add these larger tires to your vehicle, we have a specially-calibrated speedometer available. This unit increases the speedometer/odometer reading by 7%. For example, if your speedometer reads 50 mph, this unit will increase that reading to 53.5 mph—please see the speedometer page for more details. NOT recommended for use with standard street GoWesty 15" and 16" wheel/tire packages (outfitted with 215/65/15 and 215/60-16, respectively). These tires are only marginally larger in diameter than the original tires, and will—in fact—most likely make your speedometer and odometer read more accurately than it currently is.

Once installed, you will need to have a professional four-wheel alignment performed. Click here to read our alignment article.

14" Spare: If you plan to keep (and potentially use) your 14” steel wheel spare, you will need to keep one set of your original steel wheel hardware in the event of needing to use your spare.

16" Spare: This 16" wheel will not fit in the spare tire bay.


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