Complete Tune-Up Bundle

Part #: TUNE-2.1

Works With: 1986-91

Weight: 5.50 lbs

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Price: $112.95

Need to tune-up your Vanagon, but you're not sure exactly what you need? Order this GoWesty kit, save a few bucks, and get your vehicle back in tip-top shape!

Kit includes:

• German oil filter
• Air filter
• Bosch fuel filter
• Bosch distributor cap (03-214) and ignition rotor
• Drain plug with washer
• (4) NGK spark plugs
• Ignition wire set

Fit note: Your distributor cap may look different from the one we include in this kit. The late model 03-214 cap will supercede all earlier 2.1 liter caps. Simply delete the metal grounding shield and wire, and install this self-grounding cap for a more durable and reliable distributor. 

Fits all 1986-1991 2.1 liter Vanagons.

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