GoWesty Alternator Bracket Fix Kit

Made in the USA


Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 2.00 lbs

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Price: $40.95

Background: The way that VW mounted the alternator on a water boxer was less than ideal. The lower bracket—which takes most of the load—is a simple cantilever design, held to the block by two 8mm studs. Just behind these studs is the cylinder coolant jacket. When the bearings in the alternator begin to wear out, it starts to vibrate. This vibration leads to a wobble... which leads to the bracket loosening... which leads to severe engine block damage. Read the full story here.

The fix: This GoWesty-designed kit greatly reduces the cantilever aspect of the original lower bracket. Our kit utilizes a very strong triangular steel bracket that transfers some of the load to the right cylinder head. Another improvement—if you have the standard bolt-style bracket—is the utilization of a carriage bolt that slides in from the rear and locks into place in the bracket, allowing you to tighten it from the front without trying to keep the bolt from spinning behind the alternator... which can make a somewhat simple alternator replacement SUCK. 

Kit includes: GoWesty steel bracket, all necessary hardware, and instructions.

This kit is for all 1.9L and 2.1L Vanagons

Special note: The GW bracket kit is designed to be used in CONJUNCTION WITH your original bracket—better yet, purchase a NEW ONE (related products below) and call it macaroni! 

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