Mechanical Throttle Position Switch (TPS) for Digifant


VW Part #: 025906011A

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $50.95

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We are happy to introduce the GoWesty-designed mechanical throttle position switch (TPS) for the Vanagon Digifant system (1986-91 2.1 liter platform). 

After seeing the diminishing quality of the TPS core returns from our throttle body program, we decided to design a brand-new, more robust throttle position switch. This kit replaces every major part of the stock TPS, including the microswitch—which is waterproof and extremely robust—the backing plate, and plastic cam. There are no wiring modifications required. The sealed electrical interface is plug-and-play for easy installation.

Assembly required. Detailed instructions included.

Caution: the Bosch-design electrical plug that this item accepts is the same as on many other components in the engine compartment, some that are close in proximity to each other. Be very careful not to mix them up! Always unplug/plug in one thing at a time whenever possible, label all plugs if more than one is to be removed, for example when replacing an engine long block, or even just the throttle body.  

Fits all ONE microswitch throttle bodies. This TPS will fit all 2.1L throttle bodies and 1.9L throttle bodies that have 1 microswitch at the bottom of the throttle body. This TPS will NOT fit 1.9L throttle bodies with the two microswitches on top of the TB.

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