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Luggage Rack Drain Hole Screen Kit

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-1991, 1993-2003

Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Price: $4.95

If you have never removed your luggage rack, you are in for a treat. Underneath that thing is a pile of nasty decomposing leaves, twigs, and matter that has washed down through those gaping holes at each of the four corners. Not only is that junk not supposed to be there, but it is secretly doing a number on your paint job. Stop that from happening once and for all by installing our stainless steel mesh screen kit.

Kit contents:
• (5) Stainless mesh screens &
• (1) Packet of two-part epoxy 
• (1) Popsicle mixing stick, and cardstock mixing pad


Basic steps:
• Remove luggage rack.
• Locate the four carriage bolts hidden by the pop-top. Raise your top to access them.
• Remove the nuts, and don't allow the bolts to fall inside the headliner.
• If the carriage bolts drop down into the van, you will need to lower the headliner to push them back into place.
• Clean and degrease the areas surrounding the drain holes prior to mixing the epoxy as it sets up fast.
• Place the screens over the drain and affix them with the epoxy. Only a small amount is required to secure the screens.

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