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Headlight Adjuster Tip Bundle

Part #: 255-941

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Price: $7.95

Got floppy "googly eye" headlights? Who doesn't! 

This nifty little bundle includes three nylon headlight adjuster tips. Typically, it is just the tip of the adjuster that fails—and that causes your headlight lens to flop around in the headlight bucket. Traditionally, the only way to remedy this issue was to replace the whole adjuster at $8-12 a pop. With up to twelve headlight adjusters per Vanagon, this quickly becomes a very expensive proposition. One day we realized that all we really needed were the little tips, so we had that part reproduced!

Before ordering, take a close look at your headlight adjusters. If the plastic base is broken, the whole adjuster needs to be replaced, and we sell those separately below. If just the tip is broken, order up one or more of these three pack bundles, and save yourself a grip of dough. You're welcome!

Bundle includes:
Three headlight adjuster tips.


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