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GoWesty Vanagon Fuel Filter Upgrade Kit


Works With: 1980-1985

Weight: 1.30 lbs

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Price: $39.95

If you've got an early-model Vanagon, this kit is like striking the motherlode. The GoWesty kit allows you to replace the soon-to-be-obsolete pre-filter—you know, the one that clogs really easily and causes the fuel pump to starve and cavitate, thus shortening its life. Even better, it replaces that pre-filter with the late-model Vanagon real-deal Bosch fuel filter after the fuel pump. VW figured out that this was the best way to do things in 1986... and now your pre-86 Vanagon can be outfitted in the same way.

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Kit includes all of the parts you need to upgrade your fuel filter system, including a larger and more effective post-fuel pump filter.
Detailed instructions included.


Installation requires a pair of pincer pliers for the ear clamps. Sold separately below.

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