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Stainless Steel Coolant Pipe Set [2WD]

Made in the USA

Part #: 251-121-397SS

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 25.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $357.95

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This product has been replaced by 251-198-399M. Check out the new page to get yours today!

This new and improved stainless steel coolant pipe set replaces the obsolete plastic coolant pipes on all 1986-91 2WD Vanagons—and in that way, it's just like the set offered by our competitors. However, the GoWesty set also replaces the hard to find 025-121-062E (or 062F on A/T) formed hose (the big hose that runs over the transaxle and connects the rear end of the inboard coolant pipe to the thermostat housing. This pipe set, which is made in the good ol' USA, incorporates a portion of that 062E hose into its shape, and is completed by an included formed hose. Pretty sweet eh?

Fits: All 1986-91 2100cc cooling systems, and 1983-85 1900cc cooling systems that have been updated with our 2.1 Cooling System Conversion.

Pipe set includes:
• (4) Replacement 304L stainless steel pipes
• (1) Formed hose
• (2) Coupling boots
• (4) Clamps
• Installation instructions

NOTE: If you have an automatic transmission, you MUST order the 251-121-397SSAT kit, unless you have our A/T cooler kit.


Installation is pretty straightforward and no special tools are required (but it is a bit messy and kind of a pain). On a scale of one to ten—ten being the most difficult—this job is about a 7.5.

You will need to drop your fuel tank for the install, so grab your Bentley Repair Manual and prepare yourself for this rather unpleasant step. If you have not resealed your fuel tank in the recent past, this is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Our fuel tank reseal kit can be purchased separately below.

Next, remove the four hose clamps that hold the hoses onto the pipes, disconnect the hoses, remove the two wire clips and/or hose clamps securing the pipes to the body, and remove the old pipes. Lay out the four new stainless steel pipe pieces next to the old pipes, and it will be very clear which piece goes where. Join the pipe halves together with new clamps and connection hoses, and install. Make sure to re-attach the rear clip and/or hose clamp, zip ties, and install the old hoses with the new clamps provided--that's it. One tip: Use a little bit of liquid dish soap at all hose-to-pipe connections (NOT grease or oil), and don't tighten any of the hose clamps until all are in place and lightly secured. This will allow you to move the pipes around as needed for best fit.

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