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Dual Nozzle Windshield Washer Jet

Part #: 211-955-993D

VW Part #: 211955993D

Works With: 1968-1991

Weight: 0.05 lbs

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Price: $7.95

There you are, driving down the road: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, life is good. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a swarm of bees crosses your path! Oh, the carnage! Just as you are recovering emotionally, a semi-truck drives by and sprays muddy water all over your windshield. The horror!

If your Vanagon is equipped with the original single-stream window washer spray nozzles, you're in a world of hurt. Several minutes and half a gallon of fluid later you might be able to smear enough of the detritus off the windshield to continue on down the road. But you're smarter than that, and you just installed the amazing new dual-nozzle sprayers from GoWesty! Now, with the briefest of squirts, you can deliver a concentrated dose of fluid right where you need it to regain a clear line of sight. Dual-nozzle sprayers: 1. Windshield debris: 0.

Fits: All Vanagon years and models, all locations. 

Sold individually.


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