ProSport Dual Bank Battery Charger

Part #: GVW-PRO

Weight: 10.00 lbs

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Final Price: $132.95

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Every single VW camper should have a ProSport charger as standard equipment. Even Eurovan Winnebago that came with a built-in charger could use one of these—see note below.

Available in THREE different amperage models. Pre-wired for easy installation. 


• Distributed-On-Demand™ Technology

Automatically charge and maintain engine crank battery(s) while sensing and distributing 100% of the available charging amps to your auxiliary battery.

• Automatic Multi-Stage Charging
Fully charge and extend the life of your batteries with ProSport’s multi-stage performance charge profiles. Automatically charges and conditions your batteries with a built-in safe maintenance mode for long or short term storage.

• Digital Battery Type Selector
3 Charge Profiles - User selectable performance charge profiles for: Flooded(lead-acid)/STD AGM, GEL & High Performance(HP) AGM.

• Expanded LED Status Center
High Visibility LED Status Center provides at-a-glance status of: AC Power, Charge Mode, Battery Type, and Ready/Maintenance Mode.

• Extruded Aluminum Housing
For superior heat transfer and durability.

• Dynamic Thermal Output Control
Controls charging amps while maintaining the recommended charger temperature.

• Built-in Quality & Safety
Compact and rugged design, 100% waterproof and shockproof, dual inline DC safety fuses for auxiliary battery banks, dynamic thermal output control, over voltage, overload, overtemperature, reverse polarity, and ignition protection.

Note for Eurovan Winnebago full campers (EVC): True, the EVC has a built-in battery charger for the AUX battery located in the rear left corner of the vehicle, near the furnace. When the camper is plugged into shore power via the 110VAC hook-up box on the side of the vehicle using an extension cord, the auxiliary battery is charged automatically. However, the built-in charger that Winnebago installed is not nearly as sophisticated as the ProSport. To begin with, it charges only the deep-cycle, auxiliary battery in the rear right corner of the camper, not the starting battery under the hood. Also, the Winnebago charger it is not a designed to be a battery maintainer and should therefore not be left plugged in for extended periods because it could over-charge and ruin the auxiliary battery. The ProSport is a true battery maintenance and charging solution that will ensure your batteries are kept in peak condition. So, even though your EVC has a built-in charger, replacing it with one of these would be vast improvement.

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ProSport 8:
• 12/24 VDC multi-stage battery charger
• Weight: 8 lbs
• Dimensions: 8.25" x 7" x 2.875"
• Full charge in 8-10 hours

ProSport 12:
• 12/24 VDC multi-stage battery charger
• Weight: 9 lbs
• Dimensions: 9.875" x 7" x 2.875"
• Full charge in 6-8 hours

ProSport 20:
• 12/24 VDC multi-stage battery charger
• Weight: 10 lbs
• Dimensions: 12.25" x 7" x 3"
• Full charge in 4-6 hours

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