Pop-Top Tent, OEM Style

Part #: 231-707

Works With: 1985-91

Weight: 10.00 lbs

Origin  : Germany

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Base Price: $399.95


Final Price: $399.95

Screw in style pop-top three window tents in gray or tan. If quality craftsmanship is what you are after, you simply cannot touch these OEM style tents. They are amazing!

Why choose this tent over our 100% acrylic tents?
The only advantage of this tent is the exact look and fit of the original. These tents are spot-on in terms of original look and fit.

Why choose our 100% acrylic tent instead of this OEM tent?
While these tents fit perfectly, the material used to make them is not as durable as our 100% acrylic tents (made here in the USA). Because they're not 100% acrylic, they may not have the same longevity. But, hey, your original tent lasted a long time! In addition, they are only available in tan and gray, whereas the acryclic tents come in a variety of fun colors.

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