Automatic Transaxle for Eurovan


Works With: 1993-2003

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Base Price: $4895.00

Euro Transaxle Core Charge


Core Charge: Automatic Tranny Crate


Price: $8645.00

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NOTE: This product can only be ordered by phone. If you are interested in a GoWesty Rebuilt Transaxle for your Eurovan, please read the rest of this page and then call us toll-free: (888) 469-3789.

We offer rebuilt automatic transaxles for Eurovans, years 1993-03. These units all include a rebuilt torque converter, all NEW sensors and switches—and, as of September 16th, 2013, a brand-new GoWesty-designed external oil cooler kit. Our kit cools about 50% better than the original and adds roughly a quart of ATF to the system. Please click here to learn more about what goes into the GoWesty rebuilt transaxle for your Eurovan and why its quality is unparalleled in the industry. We sell these units EXCHANGE, so there is a core charge levied until we receive your rebuildable unit in return.

The Skinny: The automatic transaxle in your Eurovan is controlled by a separate computer. We know from experience that it is impossible to tell if a transaxle shifting problem or failure is due to a problem in and of itself (the transaxle), or rather due to a faulty control unit. We have experienced situations where a fresh transaxle either doest not work properly upon install, or is ruined in short order by a faulty control unit. You might say, “Why not just down load the fault code from the on-board diagnostic system, and let it tell you what is wrong?" That would be nice, but the reality is that if the control unit is at fault, it may not be able to tell you it is bad. What most VW dealers do these days (to cover their collective asses), is sell you a rebuilt transaxle first. After all, it is not shifting correctly, you know that, so it is an easy sell. Then, when you are all done, you get hit with the need for a control unit after the fact. Psychologically, it is an easier sell since you are already in for a $6000 repair, so “What’s another grand?” At GoWesty, we choose not to operate that way. It is critical that a known good, correct control unit is present before you spend another penny. So, these are the steps you need to take:

1. It is CRITICAL to get the exact right trans code for the particular vehicle/control and visa/versa.
• Make sure the transaxle in the vehicle is the correct one for the vehicle, DO NOT assume it is correct.
• Make sure the control unit in the vehicle is the correct one for the vehicle, DO NOT assume it is correct.
• Call your local dealer with the vehicle VIN number.
• The dealer will tell you which control unit and transaxle is correct for that VIN number.

2. Always try a NEW control unit to correct a transaxle problem BEFORE replacing the transaxle.

• Prices vary from around $600 to $1200
• It may not fix the problem, and it is not returnable, but...
• It plugs in a few minutes and can save you thousands of dollars, and...
• You should always use a new control unit with freshly rebuilt transaxle, especially on vehicles over 10 years old because...
• An incorrect or faulty control unit can cause transaxle performance problems and eventually lead to its demise, and...
• It is REQUIRED if you want GoWesty to warranty the transaxle for 48 months or 48,000 miles*.

For more on Eurovan automatic transaxles, please read: Eurovan Automatic Transaxles: The Whole Story.

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We offer the best warranty coverage offered on the market today. Check out our verbiage for our exclusive 48 month/48,000 mile protection plan by clicking here

IMPORTANT NOTE ON CONTROL UNITS: A new control unit is REQUIRED if you want GoWesty to warranty the transaxle for 48 months or 48,000 miles. 

If a new control unit is no longer available for your Eurovan—for example, control units are no longer available for the 1992-96 5-cylinder model Eurovans—we offer a 12-month/12,000 mile pro-rated warranty. To qualify for the 12/12 warranty your control unit must be professionally rebuilt (you'll need receipts for proof). In the event of a failure, we will tear down the transaxle for inspection. If the failure is not related to the TCU, the 12/12 warranty applies. If the TCU was responsible for the failure, repair will be split 50/50. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: We put a lot of time and energy into packaging your GoWesty rebuilt transaxle. If you purchase a transmission from us—and then decide to cancel the order within 30 days—we will refund you in full, minus any transportation fees and a 5% restocking fee. If you decide to cancel your order after 30 days, our normal return policy applies (view by clicking here). 

Shipping price is round-trip: it includes the cost of shipping the rebuilt transaxle to you and getting your core back to GoWesty. Shipping charges will be calculated based on your location. If you live in Canada, please click here for important broker information.

• $3500 Transaxle Core Charge—Your GoWesty rebuilt transaxle is sold "exchange," which means that we need to get your old unit back for rebuilding. Some or all of your core charge may be forfeited, depending on the condition of your core unit. Core refunds typically take 30-45 days to process from time of receipt.

• $250 Crate Core ChargeYour GoWesty rebuilt transaxle comes in a special shipping crate. Please follow the core prepping and repackaging instructions carefully to avoid forfeiting some or all of this crate core charge. 

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