15x7" Alloy Wheel (2WD)

Part #: GVW-1523

Works With: 1971-91

Weight: 22.50 lbs

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Base Price: $134.95


Final Price: $134.95

We are happy to offer these nice quality 15" x 7", ET23, high pressure cast wheels made specifically for the Bus & Vanagon platform. They have the correct bolt pattern and are offset to mount without any modifications. No special hardware, longer studs, or wheel spacers are required. Includes wheel, center cap and hardware. Sold each (22.5 lbs).

Does not include tire!


- For 2WD Vanagon front wheels, you will need to purchase "All Bolts" for your hardware.

- For 2WD Vanagon back wheels, you will need to purchase "All Nuts" for your hardware.

- For Bus Wheels, you will need to purchase "All Nuts" for your hardware.

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14" Spare: If you plan to keep (and potentially use) your 14” steel wheel spare, you will need to keep one set of your original steel wheel hardware in the event of needing to use your spare.

15" Spare: This 15" wheel will not fit in the spare tire bay without modification to the bay.

Wheels fit 2WD models only.

If you are going to use any GW alloy wheel with the GW finned drum brakes, you will need to purchase longer wheel studs (56mm), sold separately below.

These wheels have an ET of 23mm. The ET number is the measure of how much the bolting surface of a wheel is "offset" from the center line of the wheel. An ET of zero means that the surface where the wheel bolts to the hub is located at exactly the mid point of the wheel. So, for example on an 8" wheel, 4" are outboard of the bolt surface, and 4" are inboard. If the ET is a positive number, that indicates a "positive offset", which means the bolt surface is moved OUT from the center point of wheel, which means the wheel and tire are moved IN towards the center line of the vehicle; so they stick out of the body LESS. The BIGGER the ET number, the MORE the tire and wheel are shoved into the body, and the LESS they stick out. Ideally, the maximum amount of ET that will fit the suspension design of the vehicle should be used, so the wheel sticks out as little as possible, and is therefore less likely to rub any part of the body.

Our ET 23, 8-wheels, 15 and 16 inch, will FIT either 2wd Vanagon or 4wd Syncro Vanagon, or Eurovan. However, whereas an ET of 23 is needed on a 2wd so the tire clears the suspension parts, that same wheel sticks out more than needed on the Syncro and Eurovan. As a general rule, our wheels with an ET 23 wheels should not be used on Syncro or Eurovan applications, even though they will fit. This is especially true when the BFG tires are used, because they are rather large and will rub the body needlessly on a Syncro if the ET 23 wheel is used.

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