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Engel MR40 Fridge/Freezer

Part #: MR40

Works With: 1968-1991, 1993-2003

Weight: 67.00 lbs

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Tired of desperately trying to light your Westy refrigerator only to be disappointed with its cooling capabilities? Do you have have a Weekender or 7-Passenger and are tired of dealing with ice for your cooler and soggy food? GoWesty has a solution: Engel® electric fridge/freezers. These units feature super-low power consumption, and are designed to maintain a steady interior temperature regardless of outside temperature fluctuations. They run on 12-volt and 110-volt power and are 100% CFC/HCFC free. Finally, reliable refrigeration for all your road-trips with plenty of room for all your food and drinks! This wireless thermometer is a great addition! 

The Engel MR40 is based on the tried and true MT45 model, but features a more weather-resistant all-plastic exterior. The lid is also reversible, which means easy access from either side. It features a storage tray under the lid for spare cords and/or fuses, and the corners are protected with nice large rubber bumpers. The guts of the Engel MR40 are typical of all the other Engel refrigerator/freezers. Our tests over the last several years have shown that it is 100% as reliable and durable as all of the other legendarily venerable Engel models, its closest sibling being the MT45.

“Should I get the MR40 or the MT45?” you ask. To help you decide, the MR40 differs from the MT45 in these ways:
• It is slightly smaller outside: 19”H x 25”L x 14.4”D versus 20”H x 25.5”L x 14.3”D
• It is slightly smaller on the inside: 40 quarts instead of 43 quart capacity
• The body and lid are made of plastic instead of aluminum
• 4 pounds lighter
• Will not ding, dent, or corrode
• Is not as quite as space efficient (6.6% smaller on the outside, but 7.5% smaller on the inside)
• The lid is hinged so it opens length-wise, instead of at one end like the MT45, and is reversible. Some folks find this lid orientation more convenient when placed on the floor behind the passenger seat.
• Features a nifty storage tray under the lid for spare cords and/or fuses, and the corners are protected with nice large rubber bumpers.
• $60 less expensive


Want to really make your system efficient? Add our GoWesty Solar Panel Kit (see below), and run your Engel fridge/freezer unit using only the power of the sun! 

MR40 Specifications:
• 40-quart outside dimensions: 19” H x 25”L x 14.4”D
• Power consumption: 0.7 - 2.5 Amps.
• Has about the same capacity as the original Westy fridge.

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