Adapter Bracket for Air-Cooled to Water-Cooled Tranny

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-83

Weight: 2.50 lbs

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Price: $99.95

This GoWesty-designed bracket makes it possible to install a later 1983-91 style transaxle into a 1980-83 air-cooled Vanagon. In addition to this bracket, you'll also need the following items (which are not included):

• 1983-91 Vanagon transaxle
• 1983-91 Vanagon shifter system—from the shift knob all the way back to the transaxle

NOTE: The rear half of the shifter system will have to be shortened about 2", because the transaxle ends up sitting about 2" further forward in the vehicle compared to later-model Vanagons.

Special Installation Note: This job is NOT easy, and this bracket does NOT come with instructions. Our sales/service staff cannot help you with this challenging installation. We highly recommend this job be performed by individuals with lots of experience and tools or—even better—by a professional shop. 

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