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Environmental Responsibility

We've found that most folks who love to camp in these amazing vehicles also like to do their part in helping out the environment. Let's face it: When we camp, we make an impact. But the more we can do to limit that impact, the better. Here are some great links to help us all be a bit more "green":

We're trying to do our part, too!

In the past, the terms "automotive shop" and "environmentally-friendly" didn't typically go hand-in-hand. At GoWesty, we're striving to change that perception every single day, in everything that we do. We believe that keeping these vehicles on the road in good working condition helps us reduce our environmental impact (the "throw away" new car mentality).

Here are some other ways we're trying to help:

  • We buy all our shop fluids in 55-gallon drums to eliminate small unit packaging.
  • We sell many used and refurbished parts. Keep 'em in the cycle!
  • We use a linen service to safely wash all our dirty shop rags and uniforms.
  • We ship orders in used boxes when we can, keeping new box use to a minimum.
  • We also ship our web orders using UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping.
  • We save and reuse all packing material our products arrive in.
  • Cardboard & paper recycling — We reduce, reuse and recycle all the leftovers.
  • Metal recycling — All of our scrap metal is recycled!
  • Fluid containment — All of our used fluids are carefully collected and recycled.
  • We use only eco-friendly cleaning products in our detail shop.
  • We use recycled paper products and recycled ink cartridges in our offices.
  • Paper printing is kept to an absolute minimum company wide!
  • We do not use any throw-away kitchenware in our employee lounge.
  • We have coffee, purified water, and beer on tap to reduce single-use packaging!
  • And, of course, we manufacture everything we can in the USA. Keep it local!

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