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Meet the Crew


Your Local Neighborhood Shipping Clerk

Start of Employment: 2019-04-08

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: Heard a lot of good things from Danica and then the stars aligned! 

Daily Driver: 09' Kia Spectra

About My Van: Must have storage for vinyl records

Dream Volkswagen: 85' Scirocco GTX

Hobbies: Music(Discovering, Enjoying, Creating) Pro Wrestling 

Hometown: KOŁOBRZEG, Poland

Favorite Town/City: Tokyo!

Favorite Camp Spot: Around Drawsko lake in Poland 

Favorite Food: Home made meatloaf, mashed potato's and beets

Maté or Coffee?: coffee

Favorite Movie(s): back to the future 2, akira Kurosawa rashomon, The Good-The Bad & The Ugly

Favorite Bands/Musicians: De La Soul, Queen, Fela Kuti, Chic, Mad Season, Perfect, Brodka, Hey, Mike Oldfield, Phillip Glass

Concert/Festival History: Roskilde 05' (Audioslave, black sabbath, MYLO, Patton/Rahzel) Roskilde 14' (Arcitc Monkeys, Outkast, Mogwal)

Quote: " Make the last be the first, make the god respect the earth, change the murder rate to birth" - lauryn Hill- Fugees

One Word: EQUALITY!!!

Theme Song: Born This Way- Lady Gaga

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