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Client Concierge

Start of Employment: 2017-03-29

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: I’ve been serving them sushi & burgers for years and have grown to know the Westy crew and saw they needed to hire somebody for the front customer service.. I live down the street so it was PERFECT! 

Daily Driver: Nissan Altima.. but I miss my 1963 baby blue falcon

About My Van: best kinda van… is your best friends van

Dream Volkswagen: 1971 Golden Yellow T2 Bay Window Camper bus

Hobbies: TRAVELING!!!!!! Camping, DANCING, Eating Frozen Yogurt, Starting Craft projects and never finishing them, Being outside in the warm sun, playing with my pup Maizey and hanging out with my husband Miguel! (6*17*17)

Hometown: Beautiful Los Osos :)

Favorite Town/City: Besides Los Osos…… Venice, Italy or Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Camp Spot: Hat Creek, Kennedy Meadows, Big Sur!

Favorite Food: TACOS!!!!! Jalapenos poppers & hot wings are also super delicious

Maté or Coffee?: Whiskey?

Favorite Movie(s): The Goonies, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, Footloose

Favorite Bands/Musicians: THE FAINT! I have a very diverse music selection on my phone! I LOVE MUSIC, ill listen to almost anything! 90s hip hop/ rock is some of my most played!

Concert/Festival History: Lots.. hard to remember! Aerosmith, Rebelution, The faint, Social D, Reel Big Fish, MGMT, and so many more!


One Word: QUIRKY

Theme Song: I wanna dance with somebody- Whitney Houston

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