N-METHYLBENZAMIDE manufacturer supply N-METHYLBENZAMIDE powder CAS 613-93-4 in China

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Last Modified: 09/27/2021

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N-METHYLBENZAMIDE manufacturer supply N-METHYLBENZAMIDE powder CAS 613-93-4 in China

N-Methylbenzamide CAS 613-93-4 China factory -Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co,.LTD build our own N-Methylbenzamide CAS 613-93-4 factory in China to produce the N-Methylbenzamide CAS 613-93-4
since 2003,we are the biggest N-Methylbenzamide CAS 613-93-4 supplier in China , we have the new technology to produce the best quality N-Methylbenzamide CAS 613-93-4 in China , based on our new technology and Excellent technical worker , we become the professional N-Methylbenzamide CAS 613-93-4 supplier in China
Guanlang Group has theN-METHYLBENZAMIDE in stocks. Guanlang Group has strong technical strength, advanced equipment, strict quality management system and high-quality after-sales service to insure the N-METHYLBENZAMIDE quality. adhers to the "customer first and forge ahead" business philosophy and insists on integrity as the company's survival. All for the customers' satisfaction, all for the long-term healthy development of the enterprise.

N-METHYLBENZAMIDE has anti-cancer activity.
N-Methylbenzamide powder cas 613-93-4
N-Methylbenzamide is also used as an antioxidant and radiation protector. N-Methylbenzamide powder is used as an intermediate in a variety of. N-Methylbenzamide crystalline powder is mainly used in dehydrogenation to produce . Pharmaceutical industry used in the synthesis of intermediates,it also can be used as a solvent and plastic softeners, its chloride has insecticidal effect.
N-Methylbenzamide powder cas 613-93-4 mainly used in the dehydrogenation intermediates, also used as a solvent and plastic softeners The of the intermediate of pesticide rodenticide has insecticidal and repellent effects.

N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory from China 1mvr N-METHYLBENZAMIDE 99% crystaline powder 613-93-4

N-METHYLBENZAMIDE solubility:ethanol: soluble50mg/mL, clear, yellow-green

Question of N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory.

1.Do you konw where to buy N-METHYLBENZAMIDE ?
Yes. Guanlang is N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory.N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory offer cas 613-93-4 in stocks.
2.Where is N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory?
N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory is from China Guanlang Group.
3.Can I get the low price from N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory?
N-METHYLBENZAMIDE factory offer the best quotation.Sampe order of N-METHYLBENZAMIDE powder is also OKAY.And we have professional experienced agency to send the goods.

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CAS: 613-93-4
25kg per drum

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