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1985 Vanagon GL Westfalia

Item Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Posted by: steve james
Last Modified: 07/15/2021

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1985 Vanagon GL Westfalia
Asking price $26,500
VIN – WV2ZB025XFH114187
Plate – AJC0430 AZ
Color - Brown
Mileage - 133706
Engine – 1.9L original
Transmission - Manual
Factory Options -
Sound system – Kenwood with CD. No BT. 2001 era. 6x9 speakers in door
Significant history –
I purchased the Westy from an older couple in 1996 with 41k miles on it. Both of us stored in a garage. Both of us lived in Boise Idaho. 11 years ago I moved to Flagstaff and it’s been here since. There was one year where I sold it 1999 and then bought it back 2000 (yes, same van, sellers remorse).
Overall Condition (exterior, interior, mechanical and camper parts if applicable)
Mechanically it is running really well. Just had it in the shop for an O2 sensor and temp sensor check. Idle is good at start. Cruises 77 mph @4000 rpm.
Paint has some cosmetic small dings and scratches, small dents here and there but not a ton around the body.
Pop top works well but screen has holes from age (original), canvas is worn but works well
Stove and sink work well.
Upholstery is excellent (no tears or holes).
Cabinetry is excellent with everything working.
No cracks in dash or any camper parts.

- Known issues and/or defects
No rust is visible
Small transmission leak on the bottom seal
Front bushings are purchased but not installed
Rubber seals are in good shape but there are some replacements that should be addressed in the next year or two.
Front paint is chipped from road debris (no rust) primer still intact. I touched up quite a few spots but there are more to go.
Some of the chips on the lower sections behind the wheels have been reprimed and then coated with the bed liner skirt.
Pop top canvas is showing its age. There are some holes in the screen and the canvas has a couple small pin holes near the rear. The elastic on the corners are not working well.
- Major repairs
The engine heads have been resurfaced twice (1999 and 2019 new rings too).
All four wheel bearings replaced (2018)
Brakes were bled and replaced (2019)
Clutch plate replaced (2019)
Exhaust system (2015)
Front and rear end aligned (2018)
Fuel lines (2009)
Fuel pump and filters (2019)
GoWesty 15” wheels (2011)
GoWesty bumpers with 2" receiver and wiring w/adapter (2011)
GoWesty lift springs (2008)
HD axles and CV joints (2020)
Heater cable clamp; heater control cable; front heater valve
Shocks (Bilstien 2020)
Rack and Pinion (2013)
Van Café Radiator and SS coolant lines replaced (2018)
Recent oil change
Spark plugs and wires (2017)
Starter (2008)
Water pump (2004)
- Installed upgrades and accessories
Blaze Cut fire suppression system
Center console/cup holder
Fire extinguisher
Gas cap and key
GoWesty Aux battery kit
GoWesty fridge replacement kit
GoWesty propane tank (2014)
Kitchen drawer divider insert
Lock extension for rear hatch
Mud flaps
Original awning
Roof rack (Yakima)
Screen for rear hatch and sky light
Sink pump
Water tank drain cap (plug)
Window cranks
Climate control dash lights to LED
Kitchen galley light converted to LED over bench and kitchen
LED lights in cabin
GoWesty high power headlights