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1970 NW Single Cab for Sale - $18,000 Cdn

Item Location: Calgary, AB

Posted by: Matt Smith
Last Modified: 07/14/2021

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I purchased this awesome vintage Volkswagen two years ago to use for work. I must now admit that I was overly optimistic about using it through the Calgary winter. It is running fine and I love driving it, I just had to be honest with myself about my needs in a vehicle for work.

After purchasing it I did quite a bit of work to this vehicle in order to make it work ready. As part of my preparation I updated many mechanical components which included a newly rebuilt motor, new fuel pump, and new clutch. I also replaced the CV axels, and front ball joints. The front brakes were upgraded to disc brakes from the original drum brakes, the rear drum brakes were replaced with new drum brakes, and the wheels were updated to 15” to support the new all-season tires. There were also a number of small fixes and upgrades such as new horn, wiper blades, windshield, and seatbelts.
As far as using the Volkswagen as a work vehicle I was very excited about the 5’x9’ bed upon which the tailgate and sides can all be dropped leaving you with a flat deck. There is also a lockable tool hold under the bed which is accessed from the passenger side. To further prepare the truck for work I built a fully customized cedar topper for the bed of the truck. It has a door on the back matching the tailgate and one on the passenger side for its full length. This allows unencumbered access to the full space of the bed for storage or a work surface. The cedar topper was attached non-permanently and non-destructively using existing bolting locations.

The Volkswagen is located in Calgary Alberta; I am willing to include delivery anywhere from Vancouver to Winnipeg, basically anywhere within 12 hours from Calgary and within Canada. Beyond that, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm sure we can figure something out.

I have photos showing the underside, the wheels, and can get more if any are needed. Please contact me if you would like to see them.