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84 Westy with Brand New Go Westy 2.2, $24,000

Item Location: Bellingham, WA

Posted by: Haley Hancock
Last Modified: 04/27/2021

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We recently put a new engine in our Westy, thinking she was our lifelong van. Life, however, has it's own surprises and we are moving to Japan when the pandemic lessens its icy grip. So we're saying goodbye to our girl. I've had her since 2016 but I have records dating back to the 80's (it's a hefty file).

She's a 1984 Westy and has had a ton of work done since I bought her in 2016.
She was previously totaled and rebuilt in 2009 (the title says 'reconstructed totaled'), but the only damage I've ever found was her front right side, which was refinished and painted for prettiness in 2018. In the last year we gave her a new engine, the GoWesty 2.2 and it's still under warranty (and will be for another 44 months or ~46000 miles). We got the new engine when the body was at 240,000 miles and we've put ~2500 miles on since then. We've put around $15,000 into her in the last 18 months.

here's the list of things we replaced in the Big Engine Update:
GoWesty Engine
Oxygen Sensor
Clutch Kit
Exhaust pipes (previous ones had rust)
Air Filter
All 4 CV Boots
Ignition control Unit
Ignition Coil
distributor assembly
breather tower

We took her on a Big Trip down to California and back and she did great, she's running beautifully.

Beyond the engine stuff, we've replaced the interior panels with maple, replaced the curtains, replaced the tables with live edge wood, there is an after market stereo but the speakers are awful, so that could be a future upgrade.

Things that need doing:
I think the propane tank should be replaced.
The fridge isn't working, but we've never tried to fix it because we just use it as a cupboard anyway. I think it'll probably be an easy fix.
If you want to listen to music (we just use our portable speaker), you'll definitely want new speakers.
The front seat upholstery needs doing, though you could just buy a groovy seat cover.

UPDATE: there's a hole in the roof! I have a quote from a Boat Repair place for $600 for repair, it could also be done at home pretty easily if you're at all comfortable with Fiberglassing or DIYing. I've knocked $1000 off the price for the trouble and because I don't have the space or time to fix it right now!

Email with any questions!
I'm out of town until the first week of May, so we can set up times to drive her then!