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1981 Westfalia, 2WD, Manual Transmission

Item Location: Olympia, WA, USA

Posted by: Derek Gustafson
Last Modified: 02/01/2021

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$13,000 OBO!

I am posting this vehicle for my Sister-in-Law. It stresses her out dealing with internet transactions. I will be happy to answer any questions you have as I have been the person doing 95% of the maintenance and repairs.

"For sale is my 1981 Aircooled VW Vanagon Westfalia, also known as Butternut. Butternut has been my getaway vehicle for the last 5 years. Butternut has taken me to Yellowstone, Yosemite, Redwoods, Grand Canyon, L.A. and all over Washington. Although all of smiles have been great, it’s time for someone else to enjoy Butternut.

I have done my best to keep Butternut maintained and if you know anything about these vehicles then you know maintenance it necessary. Yes, Butternut is not perfect. Most 40-year-old vehicles have some issues. Butternut was used, not garaged. It camped on the weekends and was driven regularly for fun because who wants to drive a boring car! Let me tell you about the good.

Previous owners were not as kind as I was. I tried to replace the hacked and wonky items as they failed or were found. There were also a few items that just died and needed replacement. Let’s start with the most recent and go from there-

New clutch installed May 2020. I have pictures of parts before and after.
Also flushed clutch fluid during replacement
Rebuilt/new ECU in late 2019.
New Pertronix Flamethrower Distributor (came with new cap and rotor) July 2019
New Ignition coil July 2019
All plastic Vacuum hoses replaced (crack prone) with vacuum hose
New Spark plug wires October 2019
New Air Flow Meter (someone tried to modify it and gave me a bunch of issues) June 2019
New Head Temperature Sensor March 2019
Fuel pump and fuel filter replaced November 2018
Regular oil changes every 3-4 months

And some upgrades and good stuff-

Windows tinted August 2019
Original refrigerator that works on propane, 110 and 12v
Original stove works on propane
Rear tires replaced with General Grabbers
House battery with inverter behind driver’s seat
Pioneer Bluetooth head unit and newer speakers
Solar panel mounted on roof
Galley floor replaced with snap-in wood flooring
ARB Awning mounted with GoWesty Brackets
Hard Start Relay Installed
Shift lever components rebuilt (at front of vehicle) when I first got it

Now it’s time to talk about the remaining issues. I have put lots of money into having Butternut run correctly and other things I didn’t worry about as much.

-Rust. Butternut is originally from Canada. It has some minor seam rust and one larger rust spot in front of the right rear tire. I have had rust stop/inhibitor sprayed on it to slow its spread. It does not affect the suspension or anything else.
-The Odometer- it has worked intermittently since I got Butternut. The Kilometer gauges are still in it. I had planned to change it over to MPH but other things came first. The speedometer still works. I have not had it apart to see what the issue is.
-Driver’s window crank broken. I have replaced the handle several times and they just keep breaking.
-Front seat covers need to be replaced. I believe they are original, and I have not worried about it as the rest of the seat is intact.
-I had it inspected during the clutch replacement and was told the rear inner CV axle boots are torn. I ran out of money or I would’ve replaced them when they were out.
-Front sway bar link snapped recently. Again, the clutch was more important to replace at this time.
-Front brake pads are getting low.
-Some interior pieces could be updated or customized.
-The pop-up tent canvas could use replacement and top refurbished(but is useable).

Butternut is a fun vehicle to drive. I get asked questions about it when I stop for gas and at rest stops when I’m traveling around. I have had a great time in Butternut but now it’s your turn. I have receipts of almost everything I have done as well as some from the previous owner. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Clean title and ready to drive. Currently being stored indoors. I can take more photos if requested.

Asking- $13,000 OBO!

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Derek at (Ad poster)