1986 Brown Weekender Asking 16,800

Item Location: San Rafael, CA 94901

Posted by: ally mitchell
Last Modified: 11/21/2020

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Earl is ready to go on a road trip!

We are looking for a good home for Earl, our 1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender. Earl has a brand new front heater! Earl has updated fuel hoses, clamps, and fuel injector seals. He has a new coolant pipe set as well as coolant overflow reservoir. His headlights got adjusted to work beautifully at night. Earl has truck mirrors installed (so much easier to see cars hiding in blind spots), a small gas fed two burner stove, recovered seats, and new canvas for the pop top. His tires are only one year old. We took good care of him and had many checkups. We have all the paperwork in the glove compartment.

For some reason the email reply isn't working, so use my phone to contact me. Please don't use my number to try and scam me or send me weird advertisements. Thanks.

(415) 246-8904

Miles 197,950
Manual Transmission

All the repairs (minus a few tire rotations and oil changes)

Replaced faulty ignition switch
Replaced alternator belt
GO Westy Skylight Lens replaced
2 Front CALP ?? can’t read it
Front break pad
Oil change
Spark plugs
Fuel filter
Air filter
Dist. cap
Replace starter
Rewire radio
Passed smog
Headlight adapter (replaced broken headlight adjusters(
Replace rear shocks
Removed, clean and adjusted throttle switch and changed throttle idle control relay
Changed ignition lock assembly
Replace bulbs and headlight switch and dash light bulbs

Wheel alignment
Replaced ground cable and wire to starter from alternator
Renew waterpump and thermostat, filled and bleed cooling system
Renew front brake pads, rotors, bearings
Added two rear seat belts (over the shoulder)

Replace alternator
Replace shifter bushings
New battery (VW has 2 batteries, so replaced one)
Oil change
Fuse changes from horn not stop honking (funny until it’s not)
Replaced horn
Topped off fluids
Replaced air fliter and spark plugs
Replaced alternator blet
Reset 02 light
Flush brake hydraulic system including clutch
Check valve lifters, removed valve covers and adjusted valves,
Cleaned valve covers and replaced gaskets

Bus Depot -new canvas tent pop top

Truck tires put on w balance/rotation
Fuel ring hoses: renew all pressure-side fuel hoses, hose clamp, remove all old hoses, new field injector seals, new solid-band crimp-type stainless clamps, field injector seals.
Coolant main pipes and fuel tank reseal- removed field tank, replaced sealing grommets, field gauage sender, evap hoses, remove coolant pipes, new fuel filler neck seal, field tank breather grommet, evap hose, replaced vaopr crossover pipe with solid vapor hose, removed old plastic main coolant pipes and replace using stainless steel pipes, modified steel support bails to fit steel pipes, replace coolant overflow reservoir
Battery: cleaned terminals, insured good insulation
Slide door latch-can securely close but still not flush with van
Headlights-renew adjusters and mounts
Rotated tires

Clean air distribution housing, new gaskets, new heater core and blower fan, new fan resistor