$8,500, OBO- 1995 VW Eurovan full camper - SALVAGE

Item Location: Helena, Montana USA

Posted by: Daniel Buffalo
Last Modified: 09/16/2020

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1995 Volkswagen Eurovan Winnebago Camper (EVC) - 127,486 miles. SALVAGE
VIN WV2EE0706SH050923
Clean Title

Obviously, this is heartbreaking for me to post after two years of fixing her up, but here goes.......

General Info:
• Exceptionally well-maintained working engine and camper. Transmission failed last week, and I was just told that, unfortunately, parts are no longer available to repair a 1995 tranny (per German Transaxel in Bend, OR).
So, vehicle is not currently drivable, but if you have a 1995 tranny... it would be a SUPER-great usable camper van!
Maybe even a good B&B if you don't have a tranny (My wife's idea, but we live in Montana). Maybe a good temporary shelter if you need that for some reason.

• Inside of the camper is fully reconditioned, and the 109 HP engine well maintained.
• I've spent the past two years upgrading her as a "retirement project" and have $18,000+ invested and tons of hours of my own time. My wife and I have done 7,000 miles of FUN camping trips in this time.

Salvage value (Mechanical):

• Perfectly working engine - complete tune-up and timing belt replaced
• Tires LT95/70R-15/8 VANCO 4 season - 7000 miles wear
• 12v automotive battery - 2 years old
• Master brake cylinder - new
• Aggressive brake pads - new
• Power steering rack/tie rods -new
• Tranny mounts - new
• Front and rear shocks -new
• Powerful head lamps -new
• Windshield wipers -new

Salvage value (Camper)

• 3-way Norcold fridge - repaired to perfect working condition
• Furnace - perfect working condition
• Fully working galley/propane stove
• Liquid propane (LP) tank, gage, and shield - new
• Camper water pump and spray nozzle - new
• GoWesty Eclipse sunshades -new
• Front swivel seats - excellent condition
• Rear passenger fold out bed - excellent condition
• Pioneer radio/CD - new
• Kenwood rear speakers (2) - new
• 12 v deep cycle house battery - 2 years old
• LP gas detector - 2 years old
• Suburban thermostat - new
• Carbon monoxide detector - 2 years old
• Lighting replaced with LED - new
• Gas struts for pop top camper GSNI-3100-100 - new
• Galley cover mini-shocks - new
• Reconditioned upper loft