1991 Westphalia, $24,500 stick

Item Location: East Sequim Bay Road, Sequim, WA 98382

Posted by: Bob Campbell
Last Modified: 03/19/2020

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Sequim, WA 3/15/2020

Details about the 1991 VW Westphailia:

VIN WV2ZBO258MG008971 WA license 944 PKB

Made 1991, last year of this body style and one of few years that water cooled were manufactured. Also just a few years that 2.1 liter engines were made. I replaced the 2.1 liter with a 2.2 liter engine in Sept. 2012. Work done by Bruce’s Specialty Auto of Port Angeles, WA.

Miles: Now 179,197 at time of installation of rebuilt 2.2 liter engine 154,189 Miles on rebuilt engine: 25,008

Color: silver with grey upholstery.
Ownership: We bought it either in 1999 or 2000 from a private owner in Puyallup, WA.

Standard transmission which is what you want if driving on back roads. Sorry, two wheel drive.
All 1991 Westphailia models have, power steering, power brakes, stove, refer, fold-up bed, closet, sink, and a pop-up top which allows head room to stand and an upper bed. The passenger seat will swivel to the rear. Westphailias have seating for four, Vanagons have more seating.
Equipped with air conditioning as were all 1991 models. I disabled the AC by cutting off the belt to the AC as it provided a drag even when the AC was not activated. It ran fine before I cut the belt and would need recharging and a new belt.

Roof rack bars which will hold two sea kayaks or bikes or just luggage.
I have removed the fold out unit for the upper bed. We have two large plastic trays which slide into that space and handle all our clothes and other items for a two week trip, plus a folding table and jumper cables. I have the fold out unit and if you plan to use the upper bunk it can be installed again.

It has a set up for towing which we have never used.

I have four studded tires on rims which can be switched out with the regular tires in snow conditions. The snow tires have three winters of wear.

It has no air bags or cruise control.

Wear: It is in very good condition. There are a couple of small paint bubbles beneath the windshield. There is wear on the paint (about 3 X 4 inches) where the side slider door passes to the rear on the body. The fiber glass top has a small crack on the downward part on one side. It does not leak. Almost all the paint is original but the slider door has been repainted.

Good stuff: I will sell this VW for more than I paid for it about 20 years ago. So will you if you take care of it. The body, interior design, and quality are widely accepted as superior to later models. They ain’t making them any more. Some are being found behind barns and restored but this isn’t one of those. Most Westys are not 1989 to 1991 models which were the best made of all Westys.

A Westy is not the car for you if you want high mileage. Think of the money you save on lodging. I only use premium gas which is expensive and a premium oil since the new engine was installed. I think I get about 14 - 16 mpg for general use running to town and we get 19 - 22 mpg highway (which I avoid).

Why sell: Sob… this is my fifth VW Camper. Might be sixth, at least fifth. I am 82 and we haven’t used it for camping for at least three years. We bought a second Subaru. You are potentially the winner in all of this.

Thanks, Bob Campbell
Sequim, WA 98382