1990 Syncro Westy Bostig

Item Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

Posted by: Ray Strack
Last Modified: 02/25/2020

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Syncro For Sale
$45,000. Serious Inquiries Only
1990 VW Syncro Westfalia
166,000 total miles
24,000 miles on Bostig Conversion
Complete suspension rebuild by Burley Motor Sports
Audi Big Brake Kit from Small Car Performance
Brand New Custom paint 2019 with full window tint
Complete custom rebuild of the cooling and AC system (in South Florida this is a necessity)
16” Steel Rims with Nokian 215/60 R16 tires from Van Cafe
South African Truck Mirrors
Fat Mat soundproofing
New ABS door panels
Stacks of original paperwork including original window sticker and a whole lot of things in German...
Side Bar: German friends of mine have gone through the paperwork, which is how I contacted the second owner.
Excellent stereo/alarm and tracking system
Tons of spare parts

Camping equipment includes:
New German OEM Tent
Pressurized hand held shower
X- large awning
Wasser stopper nylon fly
Outer Windshield/front windows black out cover
Rear hatch screen
Fiamma bike rack

The VanStory:
The VW Syncro Westy is my dream van since they came out in 1986, but I never could afford one, working and raising a family. I worked hard and had my goal of buying one as my retirement gift to myself. I retired in 2010 and after a long search I purchased this van that year. I bought the van from the fourth owner. At the time I purchased it, it had 125,000 miles. The van was in South Hampton England. It is a US spec vehicle that was purchased new from Santa Monica VW in May 1990. It was originally purchased by a retired German couple who used it to tour North America before bringing it back home with them to Germany. The second owner was a young German whom I am in contact with. He is an avid mountain biker and skate boarder (we’re friends on FB). The van must have wanted to come back to the US because it started moving westward; as he sold it to the third owners, a French Couple, (whom I did not contact). The English family that I brought it from were the fourth owners. They used it for camping with their two young children.
Before purchasing the van I had it fully checked out by Syncro Spares, which is described as the British version of Go-Westy, or Van Cafe. After negotiations I bought it and had it shipped home. It re-entered the US as “American Goods Returned” because it had already been imported here by VW in 1990. When I bought it was basically in all original condition with the 2.1 WBX. I used it as purchased and made a cross-country trip to Burning Man in August 2011. During that 3-month trip somewhere in the mountains the van developed the dreaded WBX cylinder head leak. I stopped at Sierra German Auto Shop while in CA and was given the bad news about WBX cylinder heads and the prognosis... The WBX still worked well and I carefully monitored the coolant level adding water/freon when needed. Given the Cylinder head leak, I was faced with the decision of how to repair/re-power the van. After careful consider of options including conversations with numerous VW and other automotive professionals I decided on the Bostig Conversion System.
There were many factors in the decision to go Bostig. One of the most powerful for me was the modernization of the entire engine system, it is truly new from intake to exhaust including the computer. Another major factor was the hands on experience of doing the job myself and ‘knowing’ the system, thus being able to work on it if or when anything is needed. Almost all parts are readily available at all auto parts stores. In spring 2012 I purchased the Bostig kit. After approximately 6 months of DIY work the van was completely reborn. In late 2013 I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle, I was badly injured including sustaining a broken back. My injuries derailed my plans for more Syncro adventures as I went through approximately two years of physical therapy. With a good recovery my wife and I made a return trip to Burning Man in 2015 under Bostig Power. The van ran perfectly and we returned home to South Florida 3 months later with a completely rebuilt suspension system from Burley Motor Sports.
The van is my daily driver, and has never once been stuck on the road. The Bostig is a highway, byway, city and off-road star. We have not had many opportunities to use it for more adventures because upon returning to FL my wife and I had to concentrate on elder care as we lost both of our mothers between 2015 and today. Sadly, we think that we are now past the age of long-term Syncro adventures and as much as I love the van, I am not using it enough, nor what it is intended for and capable of. I want the van to be used for adventures and bring joy to the future sixth owner.
This is just a thumbnail of the VanStory. The van is a beautiful, well-kept piece. Initial Contact via email at