1982 VW camper - manual

Item Location: Brooklyn, NY

Posted by: Andrew Day
Last Modified: 01/17/2020

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1982 Volkswagen Camper - Manual transmission - 8,000
Brooklyn, NY

I am (I believe) the second owner of this van. I bought it eight years ago with the intention of making it a long-term restoration project. I bought it for 6k, and have put close to 20k into it. I know I'll never get anywhere near what I put into it, but am hoping to get at least a little back.

I've done quite a bit, and there's plenty left to do, but my life has gone in a different direction and I no longer have time and/or money to devote to it. I'm hoping to sell her to someone interested in picking up the restoration where I left off.

Okay, the details:

mileage on odometer: 228k
transmission: 4 speed manual

What I've done:

New GoWesty 16" wheels and tires (including a spare) with less than 1k miles on them.
Rebuilt motor. Still air-cooled. installed less than 1k miles ago.
New dual carbeurators instead of the fuel injection system I got her with. Also less than 1k ago.
New Battery.
Installed the South African Grill and headlight system from GoWesty.

The sink and stove is all intact, although I've not used them since I bought the van so I can't speak to their operation. The tent and upper sleeping area is in good condition. Both tables work. The front seats are obviously not original, but they do swivel 180 degrees around on their bases. There are some rust spots in a few different places, and overall the van could use some cosmetic work, but a lot of the expensive mechanical work has been done. The van doesn't leak ANY oil.

I'm sure I've forgotten some things, so please feel free to contact me with any questions.