1990 Vanagon Westfalia Multivan - $30k

Item Location: Oak Park, Illinois

Posted by: Eric Otto
Last Modified: 10/20/2019

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1990 Vanagon Westfalia Multivan (i.e., Weekender)
2.1 L Waterboxer Engine
4 Speed Manual Transaxle

$30,000, or best offer.
I could also be interested in a full or partial trade for a 2001-3 Eurovan Westfalia Weekender, or MV tintop.
I'm very eager to sell the van before winter.

Mileage: Unknown...the odometer was broken when I purchased the van. But, based on the CarFax records and information from the previous owner, my conservative estimate is less than 75k miles. The odometer was fixed, so mileage can now be monitored.

Body / Paint: 99% rust free. A decent respray at some point. Some minor paint touch-ups done in spring 2019. One of the jacking point holes in the fiberglass body cladding is cracked -- I have a replacement, but it’s not installed. Minor crack and repair to fiberglass luggage rack, only visible from the top.

Records / Receipts: Nothing from the previous owner, unfortunately. Below is a detailed summary of what I've done.

April 2016
A/C belt, power steering belt, alternator belt
Rear hatch struts
Tires (Accelera Alpha 215/65R15 XL C) and used 15" Mercedes wheels
Front and rear Bilstein Extra HD shocks
Repaired odometer
80W90 synthetic oil in transaxle
Flushed brake fluid
Flushed coolant
Complete tune up (plugs, cap, rotor, wires)
Bosch ignition coil
Clean and tighten all engine bay grounds; add new block to main
Vanagon Syndrome harness
Engine oil and filter, with ZDDP
Air and fuel filters
Wiper blades
Fuel expansion chamber check valves and grommets
Fuel lines
Added house battery and 12 V outlet
Engine compression test: #1-145, #2-140, #3-137, #4-140

November 2016
Front heater core, blower motor and fan, resistor, foam for flaps
Vanistan fresh air / recirc control kit
Sound insulation behind dash
Rewire radio for off/on with ignition
Service wipers, VanCafe dual wiper washer-squirter nozzles
GoWesty instrument cluster circuit foil replacement kit
GoWesty LED bulb kit for instrument cluster
GoWesty audible coolant temperature alarm kit
Ignition switch
VDO oil pressure gauge, using VanCafe kit and Rocky Jennings manifold
VDO voltmeter gauge
T3 Technique dual gauge ashtray pod
ThatVWBusGuy headlight, hard start, horn relay kits
GoWesty alternator harness kit
VanCafe stainless steel coolant pipe kit
GoWesty 3rd LED brake light kit
VanCafe LED camper and interior lights
GoWesty wind / rain deflectors on front doors
VanCafe shifter base repair kit
GoWesty shifter system overhaul bundle
GoWesty shift lever extension
GoWesty front curtain
GoWesty carpet set
Gerald's "No Velcro" skylight screen kit
Bus Depot 3-window canvas tent

May 2017
Engine oil and filter
Some engine bay coolant hoses
Clutch master and slave cylinders
VanCafe oversized spare tire carrier
GoWesty luggage rack cleats
GoWesty South African 4 headlight grille kit
RMW aluminum expansion tank
RMW stainless steel thermostat pipe
RMW coolant intake hose
RMW stainless steel coolant distribution tower
RMW hidden trailer hitch

May 2018
Engine oil and filter
VanCafe gooseneck LED map light
Mount fire extinguisher

July 2018
Bus Depot EZY awning
Bus Depot rear hatch screen
Bus Depot rear hatch lock extension
GoWesty climate control decal

Spring and Summer 2019
Power steering fluid flush
Some breather and vacuum hoses
GoWesty billet aluminum throttle body
Bosch coil
Fuel filter
GoWesty billet aluminum thermostat housing, new thermostat
GoWesty stainless steel engine coolant pipes and hoses
Water pump
VanCafe heater hose kit
VanCafe aluminum fuel rails
VanCafe rear seat heater core kit
Coolant flush
Vanistan engine oil cooler kit
Engine oil (Mobil 1 15W50) and filter
Marco Mansi HP fuel injectors
Starting / main battery
Braided stainless steel brake hoses, some hard lines
VanCafe German brake master cylinder
GoWesty rear brake drum overhaul kit, with heavy duty finned drums
Brake fluid flush and bleed
Fuel tank, seals and grommets
Distributor cap and rotor
Clutch assembly, flywheel, seals, and bolts
Clutch master and slave cylinders, fluid flush

Fall 2019
Bosch O2 sensor and Vanagain wiring kit
Cleaned, repaired, and added engine compartment electric ground wires
A/C compressor, receiver/drier, expansion valve
Repaired and improved A/C wiring
Repaired and improved A/C blower motor housing in overhead cabinet
A/C system flushed, evacuated, charged - blowing ice cubes!

Spare Parts & Accessories Not Installed
Blazecut fire suppression system, 12'
Mann oil filters (3) and crush washers (3)
GoWesty battery pads (2)
Vanistan stainless steel push rod tube shields (2)
Mudflaps (4)
Fatmat (2 rolls)
3-point seat belts (2)
Headrests (3)
Jump seat trays (2)
Fiberglass cladding piece
Bently manual

I'd be happy to answer questions via email or phone; provide more photos or videos; FaceTime; show the van in-person; help coordinate a pre-purchase inspection; and/or put you in touch with my mechanic.