1991 Westy Camper Excellent Condition

Item Location: Fort Collins Colorado

Posted by: Gary Leffingwell
Last Modified: 08/20/2019

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It is a sad day, but it is time for my 1991 Automatic Westy to find a new home. She has been lovingly cared for and on many many fine adventures, but the time has come. I am only selling because I have reached a "seasoned" point in life and purchased a slightly larger camper trailer with indoor plumbing. She has power mirrors that are not working, but I never needed them to "move" once they were set. The AC was recharged, but is never used and really doesn't blow very cold air anyway.

Over the 12 years I have owned her, I have made many improvements and completed many repairs on her. Almost every system on her has been replaced, improved or rebuilt, including the engine, fuel system, suspension system, axles, camping system and brakes. She has all LED lights inside, a 50 AH house battery (this is about 4 years old and probably time to replace), corrected wiring to increase headlight brightness, upgraded GW faucet, GW mats all around and 5 new tires. I also have a bus depot awning and gel mattress pad that is included. I removed the rear heater since I didn't use it and to provide more storage space. She may have the only original refrigerator that will make ice and will easily start on propane. All camping equipment works, the canvas has no holes or tears, the carpet, upholstery and paint are in great shape for a 30 year old girl. She has NO RUST and normal wear and tear that would be expected for a 30 year old vehicle. I am the third owner and have all maintenance records from the original owner and records since the van was purchased. At one point I had the original window sticker, but can't seem to find that. If I do find it, it will be included. Still have the original two ice trays for the refrigerator.

Maintenance History Since I purchased her:
--I originally purchased this van in 07/2007 with 90,457 miles. When she was purchased I replaced multiple gaskets and
seals to eliminate a few oil leaks. Replaced the rusted propane tank. Replaced the entire exhaust system and O2 and
cat converter. Replaced the leaking rear heater core. Replaced the power steering pump.
--2008 added GoWesty rubber mats all around and replaced antenna. Added Alpine stereo and Infinity speakers.
--2009 replaced fuel pump and hoses from tank to injectors and cleaned injectors.
--2010 replaced fuel tank due to a “patch” in original tank. Replaced fuel level sensor and GoWesty tank reseal kit.
--2012 engine rebuild: new heads, main bearings, rod bearings, connecting rods-straightened, balanced and no stretch
bolts, piston rings, push rods, push rod tubes, lifters, water pump, engine gasket kit. Mic’d all parts and
components at machine shop and honed cylinders. Hot tank case. Added headlight relay kit. Replaced battery.
Replaced final drive to engine O-ring. Replaced water tank level sensor. Replaced faucet with GoWesty Shurflo
Faucet Kit and replaced all water lines.
--2013 replaced all interior lamps with LED. Replaced hub caps with chrome set. Rebuilt suspension system: new Bilstein
shocks, replaced all bushing (control arm, sway bars, lower control arm), replaced springs with GoWesty progressive
springs, replaced tie rods and replaced ball joints. Added spare 50 amp-hour “house” battery and GoWesty charging
--2014 replaced speedometer cable and replaced front brakes (pads and rotors) and replaced front wheel bearings.
Replaced water tank pump.
--2015 rebuilt/refurbished starter. Replaced hook up box system with GoWesty system.
--2016 rebuilt fridge and added GoWesty cooling fan. Corrected two design flaws and one installation flaw. Replaced
ignitor. Replaced rear axles, bearings and brakes. Replaced all five tires with 14” load class C tires.
--2017 replaced water tank level sensor.

Annually: oil/filter change, replaced plugs, cap and rotor, check and adjust timing.
Every 3 years: replaced coolant and changed transmission filter and fluid.

Currently at 132,883 miles (about 3,500 miles per year)
Many extra and original parts are included including, original pioneer tape deck, rear heater (removed as I never used it), extra set of new axles, original heads (still good), push rod tubes and too many others to mention.
She is located in Fort Collins Colorado
Asking $31,500, serious only please as I will not entertain low offers or even want to discuss low offers

Please call or text 719-301-8099