2003 Eurovan Weekender - Immaculate and Perfect, SOLD on 10 August 2019

Item Location: Northern Virginia, USA

Posted by: Marc Kramer
Last Modified: 07/01/2019

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This is a "no excuses" as good as it gets low miles Weekender owned and maintained by a Eurovan fanatic who also happens to be a FAA certificated aircraft mechanic, commercial pilot, and an old-school engineer. Hopefully there is someone who will appreciate the care and over the top meticulous attention this immaculate Weekender has received from it's original owner, me. The "first owner" was VW of America, which used it briefly as an auto-show vehicle and executive demonstrator, then sold it to me. I believe it had some extra care and attention from the factory, as the body panel alignment and paint condition were exceptional. What is most important is that although purchased in Wisconsin as a certified vehicle, it never saw a winter there, or salted roads of a winter anywhere. Used mostly in the Seattle area, the roads are not salted and the climate is easy on vehicles. When it was moved by enclosed transporter to Virginia 5 years ago, it immediately went into a garage, and remained unused to this day.

Now with under 79,000 miles, this Eurovan has only been serviced with the correct German fluids, including oil changes every 5,000 miles with Liqui Moly synthetic or semi-synthetic engine oil. The transmission fluid and filter was changed every 25,000 miles, and a transmission fluid dipstick installed, primarily so fluid qualities could easily be checked. The specified Pentosin ATF was always used, and the pan magnet has not collected any shards or metal shavings of any kind, just very slight "fuzz" from normal plate wear. There were no hard runs up mountain passes, heavy loads, or hauling of any kind done with this van. Accordingly, the transmission shifts smoothly and correctly, with no signs whatsoever of impending problems.

The timing chain is not making any significant or unusual noise, I believe the tensioners and cam chain guides are in good shape. I think this could be expected given the frequency of oil changes and the quality of the oil used.

All other maintenance items were completed typically at or ahead of factory recommended schedule. All coils, plugs and plug wires have been replaced. The mass air flow sensor routinely cleaned whenever the air filter was replaced. All fluids flushed and changed twice as often as recommended. Battery replaced every 4 years, and the starter was replaced.

After its hiatus, to bring this Weekender back to showroom condition, the air conditioning compressor was just replaced with a new unit last week, and the entire a/c system evacuated and serviced by a trusted VW service department to perform as new. The brake calipers were rebuilt and painted, the rotors, pads, and brake fluid were all replaced. A new high capacity AGM vehicle battery was installed, and the gel-type house battery being only 3 years old was charged. A new pop-top edge seal was installed. Previous preventative work included replacing the ignition switch and the brake light switch, known weak points. The front torsion bars have been set when the last wheel alignment was done to bring the front end exactly to the correct ride height specification. All suspension components have been maintained, chassis measurements verified, and alignment is set perfectly within the correct "Group 5" specification. New and correct-specification Nokian WR 215/65R16 102H XL (extra-load) tires have been installed.

The pop-top canvas is original and perfect, always carefully tucked in when the top is closed so the latch doesn't snag it and so it doesn't hang out and get sun damaged. The fabric was treated with tent waterproofing silicone spray. There was never an animal or smoking inside, and the seat fabrics look like new. The front passenger seat has the German swivel mechanism installed. A Heart Inverter battery condition monitor was installed along with a heavy duty electronic charger to keep the house battery (under the driver seat) in top condition. The original piezo-cooled under seat refrigerator with an auxilliary AC power adapter is included, works like new. The carpets have always been covered with custom rubber mats. The rear-facing seats have 4-point safety belts installed, making them the safest possible seating for younger passengers. Volkswagen E-Code (European "z-beam") headlights are installed, clear turn signal corners, and some euro-spec tailights. All of the original equipment are in boxes, easily re-installed if that is your preference.

Many extras come with the sale. For starters, a correctly-specified Eberspacher gas heater optioned with full electronic control and cell-phone interface is just waiting to be installed by the next fanatical owner. I've got a full set of VW Phaeton wheels that have the load rating and offset that works perfectly for the Eurovan free if you want them (they do have some curb rash). There is a load of camping gear that will come with it, so you could buy the van and immediately go camping on you way back home. All told, there's at least $3000 worth of accessories and extras, including all of the VW service and service-training manuals.

I'm such a perfectionist that if anyone else serviced it, I insisted to observe and approve the placement of the hydraulic lift to ensure only the recommended lift points were used to avoid possible frame or body damage. That oversight has paid off in that you can easily see many Eurovans that have the rocker panels or underbody frame damaged from improper lifting of these heavy vehicles. Sliding doors can start binding, wheel alignments are off. The sliding door on my van operates as smoothly as is possible, it is adjusted to operate perfectly with finger-tip pressure only. Never an accident of any kind, not even an errant shopping cart scratch or door ding.

The simplest way to think about this Weekender is that the only way you will find a better one is if VW has had one in storage somewhere since new. There is some hardening and flaking of the Westfalia-installed black vinyl trim by the driver door pillar, and one professionally done repair using an interior patch to an unfortunate 2" tear in the pop-top canvas near the latch. If you can find anything else wrong with it, then you must be more of a nit-picker than I am, and I suggest either mental-health services or just buying this van and obsessing over it in the privacy of your garage like I did.

This 2003 Eurovan Weekender is now on consignment with a Vintage Porsche and Classic car business located in Winchester, Virginia. It is on display at their indoor showroom, next to other rare and exotic cars. I selected this company due to their honesty and high integrity, their personal knowledge about Eurovans, and correctly determining that a rare and exotic Porsche dealer would appreciate the value of a well-cared for Weekender and properly represent it. Please contact Truban Motor Company,, (540) 722-2567. They have pictures on their website or here is another listing: