2002 Eurovan MV $29999.oo

Item Location: Seattle/WA/USA

Posted by: Jason Donaldson
Last Modified: 05/07/2019

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This is a 2002 VW MV Weekender Eurovan with a whopping 200hp 2.6L V6.
It's the Avendutre Van and it's a solid van that has had extensive work done on it

Because you'll be able to use the functioning cruise control and rip through the country even at 80+ mph.
The front wheel drive as you may know, will feel like your riding on carpet even on the roughest of roads.
With it's newly installed rebuilt automatic transmission and even better, it's new Timing chain, With both having less then 10K miles on them you can forget about your concerns over one of the most expensive serve jobs for Eurovans completed.
Of course, with that also came the upgraded Thermostat housing and pipe to aluminum to help prevent that refurbished transmission from overheating.
That AC that's needed on hot days and that heat which warms you to the core both work and are reliable.
You’ll be able to take calls via Bluetooth from the upgraded stereo and it’s 6 speakers, two which were upgraded, installed two years ago.
And you knowing Eurovans, you'll have room to seat 7 passengers, the adventures are limitless.
We've cared for the van with well above $20K with of work over the last two years, so you can rest assured that this is a solid van that will get you to those destinations to help build your family memories.
All extensive work has been performed by the one and only Eastside Autoworks and CampersNW in Bellevue WA.

Being a Westfalia you know that it has sleeping quarters for a family of 4. It's does that with the room for 2 upstairs in the pop-top and with a folding lower bench that converts to a queen size bed to accommodate at least another 2, so you've got plenty of room to recharge after a full day.
The Van has the privacy to sleep at night with it's original full factory issued curtains for all the windows and a factory issued full rear screen if you’d like to sleep with the tailgate up to help bring that camping experience into the comfort of your cozy bed.
It also as a “add-a-room” tent attachment from for the rear hatch to enlarge your camping space and to assist in protecting from the elements and also add privacy.
With the attached ARB awning, you’ll get a full 8 feet of coverage to protect you and your family from the elements right outside your side door.
With it's factory installed collapsible table to eat meals inside while camped along the river out of the sun, helps make the day better
Hangout inside with legs stretched out from the newly installed swivel base front passenger seat, with it's original added storage below to hlep bring more essentials.
What about a cold beverage at the end of the day? The functioning electric powered cooler under the rear passenger seat helps eliminate the worry of getting ice to keep those juice boxes cold.
You got bikes? Because we've installed a German direct PaulChen bike rack for your German Adventure Van that attaches to the rear tailgate which holds up to 4 bikes. At the same time we've upgraded the hatch struts to assist in holding those bikes up while getting to your storage area.
The Van comes with a 2” receiver hitch to pull small trailers or storage trays to store even more cargo
All interior lighting that functions is there to help get situated for a restful night.
It also has custom made seat covers from for the bench, driver and front passengers seats to help protect from those juice box spills!
You need to recharge those electronics? You'll have two 12V power sources throughout the cab that function and are a great resource.

The Van is not "complete as of yet and has some issues that need to be addressed and I can discuss that further if you are interested..
If you need more information to help make a decision on the purchase of the Adventure Van, please feel free to contact me. I'm a open book when discussing Eurovans and I'm more then willing to listen to offers.