1993 Reimo eurovan

Item Location: Fort Collins/ Colorado/ United States

Posted by: Will Morrison
Last Modified: 02/04/2019

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1993 high top reimo eurovan. Automatic. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Has solar panels on top that charge batteries inside. Microwave, television, (many interior lights), coffee pot, electric heater all run off the solar powered batteries and factory gas heater. (Not to be confused with solar heater) Comes with vw side tent (big deal, very very cool) sunshade for the side and 4 bike rack and metal vented window inserts that fit in the front windows so that you can roll up the windows and lock it and still have airflow when camping. I like the high top better then the westy top because no one can tell when your camping or not and you can camp in populated areas without being detected by the friendly local boys in blue. It’s heavily tinted in the rear. Comes with reflective suction cup insulation mats for all the windows. Has the table as well as the original middle seat and I’m currently trying to track down the sink fridge unit. It was sold in the us originally and was brought back to Germany by an armed forces fellow who then had it converted professionally by reimo. (A big camper builder in Germany still very prominent today) it has the reimo mattresses up top and the panels. Sleeps 2 big people up top and 3 below. Plus more in the tent if you set that up. Very roomy. Has a ton of bags and boxes inside it that supposedly are full of more fancy eurovan tricks. I have listed all I have opened so far. Only cons are I think it needs motor mounts and it has some rust issues. I’ll get more pics shortly. Or text me or call me here for more pics and Info 970-692-6959 I’m trying to get 9,000 as it’s the only high top eurovan I can find in the United States. 214,000 miles runs great.