Mackenzie Duncan


Mackenzie Duncan is a photographer, director, trailblazer and world traveller. Capturing the natural wonders and joys of life has always compelled him to document his surroundings, and those who are with him on the journey. Though West Coast based, Mackenzie is often found exploring the shores of faraway lands with camera in hand and surfboard in tow. His search for surf and captures has also taken him to the infinite coasts of Africa, South America, and New Zealand. While on home turf, his VW acts as his (somewhat) loyal travel companion. An instinctive inclination towards discovery and movement ignites his creative fire. From a solo NYC to LA road trip on a motorcycle 10 years older than he is, to going off the grid in Baja, Mexico for a month to connect with the land, it is evident that Mackenzie seeks inspiration in the landscapes that surround him. Some of the clients who have fuelled Mackenzie's passion for storytelling include Anian, Le Chateau, Crawford Denim, Deus Ex Machina, Emei, Equinox, Keen, Lochside Cycles, McLaren McCann, Parasuco, Puma, Reebok, Rudsak, Rumpl, Cineplex, Shaper Studios, Sid Lee, Sitka, SSENSE, Starbucks, Taylor Stitch, TAXI, and Whitney Farms.


Dad's Van

1991 Westfalia Syncro w/ a Subaru 2.5 EJ in it. My Dad bought this van as a bit of a rust bucket back in the late 90's when I thought vans were not nearly as cool as they are. Turns out they are cool... and after living part time in a few different vans all up and down the west coast this one was gifted to me when my Dad passed away. That being said it is special, and will always be special to me. Obviously I would trade this van in a second for some more time with my Pops but it's great to be reminded of him every time I use the van.

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