Kris Mahler


Fast on the slopes slow on the road. With such a fast paced sport and life flying by at a mile a minute it's nice to slow it down to reflect. No better way to do that than with a 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia! Partnering up with GoWesty to bring Harley back to life it's been quite the adventure. With a deep-seated passion in his heart and a smile on his face, Kris has surpassed all previous benchmarks for such a young athlete in the sport of Ski Cross. Despite his young age, Kris has a long list of accomplishments including two-time World Junior Finalist, MVP of his first year on the Canadian Circuit and a top 8th place finish in the World-Cup. Had it not been for a season ending crash, Kris would have secured Audi FIS Ski Cross Rookie of the Year in 2017. However that smile is still there and obstacles only fuel his passion to reach the top. Kris will be back stronger than ever for 2019 and ready to take the Ski Cross world by storm. Laying the groundwork for the next generation of Ski Cross, follow him on his journey with Go Westy as they set up to win Gold at 2022 Olympics in Beijing. It's a long road ahead but hey at least Ive got a bed in the back!



1987 Volkswagen Westfalia, 2WD Adventures!

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