Candra, Ethan, and Basset Bruno


Candra, Ethan and their basset hound Bruno have lived in their orange 84 Vanagon Westfalia for almost 4 years traveling the states, playing music, searching for art, shows, farmland and humans alike. They spend their days playing music with both of their projects, Guilty Flesh and Francis Motherwort as well as foraging and making art of all kinds.



Shiek, the big orange van, is an original 84 Vanagon Westfalia with over 300,000 miles on him. Over 150,000 of those were put on him in only the last three years! He has custom panels and interior made by us, his horn goes off whenever it chooses, and sometimes it takes a little smack to get his dash lights to turn on. He has showed us the best times of our lives and it is he we thank for the most amazing experiences and adventures!!

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